Frequently Asked Questions

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1Do you provide emergency service?
2Can you service both residential and commercial needs?
VKD is fully licensed to perform residential and commercial services.
3Why and when should I purchase a new heating or air condition system?
Increased electrical efficiency, quieter operation, improved comfort. Replace equipment as it becomes outdated, inoperable or inefficient
4What does VKD include in a Summer Maintenance?
Check refrigerant levels to make sure system is properly charged. Inspect and tighten all electrical components Check motor bearings and fan blades. Wash and clean coils. Take amp readings of motors and compressors. Check run capacitors for their proper MFD rating. Check air filters.
5How can I be sure that my heating and cooling system is running as efficiently as it was designed to work?
Call for a maintenance check up!
6Why should I perform preventative maintenance?
To ensure proper function, maintain manufacturer warranties, find problems before they affect the function and longevity of the system.
7How long does HVAC equipment last?
HVAC systems generally last 10 to 15 years. However, your system becomes less efficient and performs worse as it gets older. Therefore, after about 10 years, you may want to start looking for a replacement. Even if you are not having any major problems, moderns HVAC systems will save you money on your energy bills because they are more efficient. Plus, they generally come with 10-year warranties, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them for quite a while.